Thursday, August 11, 2011

Aladdin's Lamp??

Alladin's Lamp??

A Table top. The Crystal lamp(or whatever) is taken in a Dark room with only a light streaming through the curtains
for lighting. Camera on Tripod with a ten second Timer. Used shutter priority at 30 seconds.The lamp was placed on a Dark glass surface with black chart paper underneath and the sides except in the direction of window.Edited in Photoscape.
The smoke image added from Google.

Pure Heart

True Heart......An Aril  of pomegranate fruit placed on Sugar crystal

An uncropped image. Just a Test Shot. A little heavier now to Hold.Tamron + Kenko 20mm.
An Aril of of pomegranate fruit placed on Sugar crystal. I just made the red colored Aril into a
Heart Shape.

stilt legged flies (micropezidae)

Do not Disturb......

stilt legged flies (micropezidae)